Youku to Create & Distribute VR Content in Nokia OZO

Youku in collaboration with Nokia OZO VR technologies, Youku is the China’s leading digital entertainment platform of videos. Which  has more than 500 million monthly active users engaged in its premier online video platform which has daily views of more than 1.1 billion.

Nokia OZO (3D 360 VR)

Youku is the first Chinese content producer and distributor to have fully integrated the Nokia OZO ecosystem of technologies. Youku users and content creators will be able to experience and share the highest quality Virtual Reality content including natively captured spatial audio.

“China is one of the most progressive VR markets in the world with an appetite for high-quality virtual reality experiences that is enormous and growing,”

“Our collaboration with Youku enables millions more people to enjoy incredibly immersive video and audio VR content through a well-known and trusted platform.”

Paul Melin, vice president of digital media at Nokia Technologies.

Youku will utilize the entire OZO VR ecosytem, which includes the OZO Camera, OZO Software Suite, OZO Live and OZO Player.

Importantly, Youku will integrate Nokia’s OZO Player SDK and OZO Audio solutions, which are designed to deliver a superior consumer experience, into all its platforms, mobile apps and consumer offerings, enabling its enormous audience to enjoy 3D 360 degree VR.

Full-featured reference players are also included in the SDK for all supported platforms, including Oculus Desktop, Oculus Mobile/GearVR, HTC Vive and Google VR for Android and iOS.

So it is quick and easy to create robust apps, and reach the broadest possible audience with a minimum of development effort. The multi-platform OZO Player SDK is now available in a free version as well as a Pro tier with more features and larger deployment options.

Video Recorded in Nokia OZO

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