WhatsApp to support OneDrive backup

WhatsApp is coming for windows 10 with OneDrive backup

WhatsApp application for windows 10 will be rolling out very soon which supports OneDrive backup is in the final level of beta testing.With this OneDrive integration, users can backup their data either daily,weekly or even monthly.

User can enable/disable this option by  Settings -> Chat and Security -> Backup


Since there is an issue that the backup in each mobile comes with their own cloud storage.i.e.,OneDrive for windows phone,Google Drive for android phone and icloud for iPhone.

There is no option to save all the conversations on a single cloud service that exists for both the platforms,but there are also some third-party apps in the market which can migrate.Anyhow,It would be much easier when there is a direct implementation of data transaction between clouds from the application itself.

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