Seabin Floating Rubbish Bin Keeps Oceans Clean

Seabin is a floating rubbish collector, it can be used in oceans, yacht clubs, swimming pools, ports and any water body with a calm environment. It is not designed or suitable for open water bodies where boat traffic and large currents or waves may have an adverse effect on the performance of the Sea-bin.

How it works?

The Sea-bin is powered by a small submersible water pump underneath the Seabin which uses either 110V or 220V. The water pump may be run by cleaner power options such as solar, wind, wave or turbine depending on the location, current technology and services available. It collects all the rubbish in it’s catchbag.

V5 CatchBag (Rubbish Collector)

Initially the catchbag in seabin was made up of Hessian fiber, even though it was more efficient but ended up in ceasing the function of unit. So development team managed to use recycled plastic mesh instead of Hessian fiber and prevents the replacement of catch bag every month.

Seabin floating rubbish bin in Action


Recent tweet from the team shows that they have been also testing with microfibers in catchbags. The development team has been working constantly to improve the functionality of the V5 Hybrid. Commercial sales for sea-bin hasn’t started yet, if you’re wondering to buy one, you can buy it from this summer. Subscribe to their mailing list to get notified. So what do you think about seabin project? share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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