Russia is working on new operating system (Sailfish OS)

Russia has announced that it’s working on a new mobile operating system (Sailfish OS) to end the monopoly of Android and iOS. The Russian minister of communication, Nikolai Nikiforov, told the world via Twitter that Open Mobile Platform, a Russian company, is building a Linux-based global operating system and the company is currently looking for developers and engineers.


Sailfish OS (Russia Mobile Operating System)

Sailfish OS is based on open source Linux kernel and features Jolla’s open source Mer Core UI and other third party components.

This effort is aimed at making inexpensive smartphones based on the new OS for the mass audience, according to Open Mobile Platform President Grigory Berezkin.

If the new operating system comes with the functions good enough to challenge Android, a good marketing in the BRICS countries–countries with the half of the world’s population–can result in something great for the new Linux-based mobile OS.

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