NVIDIA brings Cloud Gaming to PC & MAC

Good news to Gamers,  NVIDIA has rolled out a new service called GeForce Now (Cloud Gaming) to every one.

To use the service, a user (#GAMER) just have to download the GeForce Now app to their local machine and connect to a GeForce GTX virtual PC.

It’ll load up Steam, Origin, UPlay or other PC game providers and purchase games directly from the distributor. Then it you will be able to run games on NVIDIA’s GRID servers through GeForce Now for an hourly fee.

It will feel and look like running games on a local machine, at high performance. Users have to pay $25 for 20 hours of play,  and that doesn’t include the cost of the games.

If you only played three hours a day, you’d spend more than $800 for  GeForce Now Service. And that costs more than a gaming PC. Still, if you really don’t want to buy a gaming machine with that cash, GeForce Now for PC and Mac will start rolling out in March.

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