Nokia says 4G LTE will be the fastest deployed technology in India


Nokia says Fourth generation LTE will be the fastest technology to be deployed in India, says Milivoj Vela , head of mobile broadband at Nokia Networks. In an interview to ET, he says that 4G will, however, coexist with 3G, which is being used widely to offer mobile broadband in the country. He says India is economically a very good ecosystem for newer telecom technologies but Indian telecom operators will look at acquiring new spectrum before implementing some of these technologies.Excerpts:


How do you look at the adoption of new telecom technologies in India

4G LTE technology will be the fastest deployed technology in India. The investment is still in 3G because of the coverage needed to be achieved. The transformation that is happening is much faster in India. In some developed countries, it took 8-10 years between 3G and 4G rollouts. I see countries that are practically going parallel 3G and LTE just because they have to cover certain services in order to meet the licence requirement. In India, both 3G and LTE can still coexist at a certain level.

What is the future of 2G technology in India?

2G will be extended as long as you want to secure voice services. The prerequisite to switching off 2G is to have LTE and VoLTE at a satisfactory level where you can conduct a call every time you want. If there are technologies at clash, then they are 3G and 4G because they are giving the same service but at different levels.

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