Microsoft Brings 3D Feature in Paint tool (Remix 3D)

Microsoft made major changes to it’s paint-tool in windows 10, now you can use it to create 3d drawings easily with remix 3d.

With 3D Made Easy you can manipulate shape and color in a whole new dimension, 2D images can be converted into 3D easily. Add fantastic new textures or materials such as sparkling gold, stained hardwood, or soft grass to your creations and watch them pop! Make any object come to life.

To make your imagination break free, the new doodle tool converts your doodles into 3D. You can even take your drawings for a spin and view them from every side.

Use 3D Doodle to draw puffy clouds

Image: Microsoft

Five great features of Paint 3D

  • 3D Made Easy
  • Community
  • Realistic Textures
  • Unique Sticker Creator
  • 3D Doodle

Now Paint can do a lot more than it used to. With a little digging you’ll discover tons more, So jump in and explore what you can do with 3D tool.

3D in Windows


Remix 3D Community

Paint 3D allows you to connect with, you can pull arts from it’s growing catalog for you to customize, edit, and share. is your online home for 3D content and community. You can connect with other creators, showcase your own creations and get inspired.

To get started, sign up on and download the Paint3D Preview. Or follow this instructions. Currently it available in windows insider previews only and also in limited countries.( US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.).

Via: windowsblog


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