Massive DDoS Attack Over Dyn DNS

A huge-level distributed denial of service(DDoS Attack) took down large portions of the internet(Dyn DNS) today.

DDoS Attack

DDoS attack uses multiple machines to attack a central server. Which could make a network resource unavailable to its intended users. As a result, many websites like Twitter, Spotify etc. are facing downtime or users are facing different kinds of troubles.


According to the status page of Dyn DNS,  Now this issue has been resolved by Dyn DNS.

Affected Services



Dyn DNS is a major DNS host provider, Instead of attacking individual servers at websites like Twitter, Reddit, and Github, the attacker went after Dyn. And it is responsible for turning an internet protocol (IP) address into a readable website, so instead of a string of numbers, codes and periods, you’ll get something like this:


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