Korea’s mech robot with a pilot on board

Well it’s not the IronMan but it’s a life-sized mech or Gundam (mobile suits) and it isn’t just for show, A Korean company Hankook Mirae created it.

Vitaly Bulgarov, a Hollywood FX expert designed the mobile suit. Recently he posted a video on Facebook showing the robot taking its first steps. And also it had a pilot on board.

It is 13-feet-tall and 1.3-ton weight, this machine was created to work in extreme conditions where humans cannot go unprotected. It won’t be able to go on rescue missions anytime soon, though not without a power source that’s portable enough.

Bulgarov says the company’s short-term goal is to develop a tethered robotic platform with industrial applications.

Korea's mech robot Gundam mobile suits bulgarov

Korea’s mech robot (Gundam or mobile suits)

The company could also mount its top part on a larger wheeled base that can accommodate a chunky power source if it really needs to traverse rough terrains where there’s nowhere to plug it in. The robot’s arms weighs about 286-pounds.

Watch Bulgarov (Pilot on board)


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