KAT Walk VR: Walk Into Your Game World

KAT Walk VR (virtual reality) platform for action, also known as VR treadmill it breaks the barriers of reality and the virtual, requires only one square meter of real space.

It can provide users with unlimited virtual world, so you will be able to walk, run, jump, sit and squat movements to the virtual scene.
In the settlement of motion sickness at the same time, allowing users to experience truly immersive experience shock.

How it feels when you’re in KAT Walk VR

Take a look at this cool video.


Image: KAT VR

Locomotive Device

This device going change the way games played. And no more motion sickness on future video games. Gamers really going enjoy it. What you think about KATwalkVR? Let us know by commenting below.

>Meet the KATWalk VR on katvr.com

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