Hyundai wants to make Exoskeleton cheaper

Hyundai is not only a ‘car manufacturer’, they also build robots & wearable robotic suits. Recently Hyundai revealed two of its exoskeleton prototypes (H-Wex & H-Mex).

They are named as H-Wex and H-Mex, H-Wex is a device which could prevent back injuries due to industrial heavy lifting. And the H-Mex is designed to aid paraplegics (leg paralysis) and senior citizen. Both are lightweight versions of the company’s previously developed H-LEX.

wearable robotic suits Hyundai exoskeleton H-Wex H-Mex
Image Credit: AOL, Roberto Baldwin

This isn’t the first time the South Korean car company ventured into the medical field. Earlier this year, scientists at Hyundai delivered computer-assisted surgery robots to healthcare institutions in Korea.

In fact, wearable robot suit maker (Hyundai) holds roughly 80 patents on wearable robots. These new prototypes will be made cheaper.

Now they are currently underway with clinical trials of robots for the medical field, and acquire certifications. They have planned to ship demo units in 2020.

You might have seen exoskeletons in Sci-fi movies like ‘Elysium’ ‘Iron Man’, Now they are stepping into our real life.

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