Its time for the ride with Hyperloop

Move to the destination with the speed of  1,220 km/h.

Hyperloop, an opensource high-speed transport system project of Elon Musk is now under construction and testing with a six-person pod and a track in the Las Vegas desert,United States of America.

The startups which currently develop this project are

What is Hyperloop ? (Transport System)

It is a capsule like pods which moves inside a low -pressure tube.It carries 28 people in each pod and travels with the speed of 760 miles per hour.

Each capsule will be fitted with two or more lithium-ion battery packs to provide enough power to reach the destination.

The Working principle

This system combines the concept of both magnetic levitation train and a low pressure transit tube.

The tube is maintained in low-pressure environment not completely vacuum and to avoid the crashing between the pod and the tube,the passenger pod is slightly lifted up like magnetic levitation train.

The capsules are accelerated at various stations on the low pressure tube with rotors contained in each capsule.

hyperloop transport system elon musk transpod
Image source: hyperloopalpha


Rail experts say Hyperloop would be much faster and a better long-term investment than the current High Speed 2 scheme by the government of United Kingdom. It is also called as transpod.

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