Hyperloop One is coming to India with four routes

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Hyperloop One has planned to expand it’s tube-based high speed transportation system all over the world. Guess what? With Hyperloop One you can travel from Mumbai to Delhi (1422Kilometer distance) in just 71 Minutes!. It is faster than airlines.

Hyperloop pods can travel at supersonic speeds up to 745mph (1,200km/h) using reduced pressure tubes. know more about Hyperloop in this previous post.

The company already introduced a route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes, and implementation would take around five years.

Four Routes considered for Hyperloop India

  • Bengaluru – Thiruvanthapuram
  • Chennai – Bengaluru
  • Mumbai – Chennai
  • Mumbai – Delhi

Intermediary Stations

For Mumbai to Bangalore Corridor,

  • Pune
  • Kohlapur
  • Hubli-Darwad
  • Tumakuru

For Bangalore-Chennai Corridor

  • Hosur
  • Vellore
  • Sriperumbudur

All these intermediary stations (places) have more than two million visitors per year, So Hyperloop India decided these locations. The company has already entered into India as HyperloopIndia and approached the government to implement it’s technology. And the estimated cost of tickets will be starting from Rs 2000.

Company’s Global plan for Hyperloop One transportation

Check this post to know more about Hyperloop-One

So, What do you think about Hyperloop transportation in India? Share your thoughts with us in below comment section.

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