HushMe – Private Conversations in Open Space Environments

Have you ever faced problems while talking to someone over phone calls? also you wanna have conversations in public places or open spaces, privately!. I’m not talking about technical issues caused by surroundings or device’s microphone. I’m talking about having secret or private conversations in public to someone over a phone. Of course we must be afraid of that someone might hear us. As the technology has been developing gradually, thinking of impossibilities are no longer extant.

Hushme – Acoustic Device (Voice Mask)

It is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments. Also it’s the world’s first voice mask for mobile phones. Hushme makes you to feel comfortable while speaking to someone over phone calls in public places or open spaces, Yes you don’t need to worry about other people around you.

So what does this device do?

It protects speech privacy by using exclusive passive voice suppression and active voice masking technology. The voice masking mode also allows users to make customized masking sounds such as wind, ocean, rain, birds, minions, monkey, squirrel and some more.

Watch HushMe on action

Hushme team is with a technical partner called ARTKB, ARTKB is a team of experienced professionals which embodies the ideas into life. The results of their work are not drafts and sketches, but a ready product of mass production.

If you’re ready to get one, you can order one from here.

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