Google Tez – Payments & Commerce App for India

There are many payments app for India which uses Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard, So you might ask what’s special in Google Tez. It can make digital payments truly work for India. Tez is for payments and commerce app built for India.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

It is a payment system which was launched by National Payments Corporation of India and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is built over Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) for transferring funds using virtual address or a pin. Google Tez uses UPI to manage your money from your bank account.

What’s special in Tez?

Cash Mode

Cash Mode in Tez lets you to pay another user nearby without having to share personal details like your bank account or phone number. By bringing two phones nearby you can make transactions easily using AQR (Audio QR) technology. Which is similar to QR codes but more convenient and more secure. And unlike NFC, it works on almost any smartphone in India, whether Android or iOS.

One of the most powerful aspects of cash is that it enables you to pay others without exchanging sensitive personal information. This is ideal for paying the auto-wallah or sabzi-wallah. Bring two phones near each other, hit pay or request, enter your UPI PIN and the payment goes instantly from one bank account to another.

Is it like a wallet or something? (Digital Payment)

No, it’s not. Tez works directly with your bank account, there’s no need to top-up a wallet balance or pay fees to get money out. Yes, that’s what we all have been waiting for!

Is is Safe?

Yes, Protected by the Tez Shield 24/7. And if you ever need help, customer service team is available all day, every day by phone or chat support.


I have already used Tez, It’s really a cool app. Give it a try, Get it from Google Play and the App Store.

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