Facebook Workplace for Business

Facebook has been working on a app(Facebook Workplace) and it is for organizations and companies. It’s now out for public use, and it’s called Workplace.

Workplace offers groups, multi-company groups, news-feed, work chat, live video, search and better administration. More than 1,000 organizations around the world use Workplace (formerly known as Facebook at Work).

Workplace’s basic infrastructure is built from best of facebook, such as News Feed, the ability to create and share in Groups or via chat, or useful features such as Live, Reactions, Search and Trending posts. So it is easy to manage tasks and other things with your co-workers.

Facebook Workplace
Image: FacebookWorkplace

Facebook decided to take on collaboration apps like Slack, Yammer and HipChat etc. It’s pricing is cheap while compared to other collaboration apps.

Facebook Workplace Pricing

It’s Free for Non-Profits and Educational Institutions. If you are business side, you can try free trial for first three months with unlimited usage and it’s features.

For the first 1,000 users the service is priced at $3 per user per month. And the next group size of up to 10,000 users it lowers to $2. If  more than 10,000 users, it costs $1.

Workplace on Facebook

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