Bonsai & NVIDIA is Building an AI

Artificial Intelligence is on rapid growth and makes everything easier. Bonsai & NVIDIA working together to help every developer and any businesses to use AI technology to address real business problems.

Bonsai & NVIDIA

Bonsai is building a software platform that uses NVIDIA’s accelerated compute platform, which helps lower the blocks to AI.

Smarter Applications Faster

This AI will reduces a lot of complexity in programming application softwares, and it is at the level of the assembly language currently.

Bonsai’s AI Engine works at a higher level of abstraction so millions of developers, and the companies that employ them, can more efficiently build AI into applications and systems.

So developers able to program intelligent applications as quickly and collaboratively as they might program a database.

Powering the Future with GPUs

Bonsai’s platform combined with NVIDIA’s AI computing innovations significantly extend the reach beyond limit.

via: nvidia

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