Beware of “GodLess” Malware

Trend Micro, a global software security company , has been reported that a deadly android malware called “GodLess”.It is designed for attacking smartphones with android 5.1 and also its earlier versions.It can be detected as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX

Godless uses an open source rooting framework called android-rooting-tools  to root the android based devices.



There are over 8,50,000 devices associated with malicious apps around the world. As of now, India captures the highest share of affected devices at 46%.


Why It is so harm?


GODLESS has the ability to root your device, which further grants it access to install anything on your device and  even force your credentials in Google Play Store to download unwanted apps while you’re not looking so it leads to unwanted ads.

How to stay away from such malwares


The best way would be to download apps from Google Play Store itself, while Google does regular security checks and the updates tend to be clean and safe to download.

Avoiding the downloads from other app stores also helps you to stay away from malware.

Wipe or clean your system after taking back up of all your important files if you get noticed any application downloaded without your permission.

Even then, there is no guarantee that malware won’t get into your phone, and it is best to take precautions in this world of cyber bullying and cyber crime. Stay wary of unknown developers and keep checking for any unknown apps on your smartphone.

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