Best Google AdSense Alternatives

If you have planned to monetize your website, Adsense is one of best monetization program by Google. But still there are some best google adsense alternatives.

  • Chitika – Targeted text Mobile Ads and minimum payout threshold is $10 (PayPal) or $50 (Cheque).
  • Yahoo Bing Network: – Targeted text Display $100 (PayPal/Wire).
  • Clicksor – In-text ads Text banner Display Pop-unders Interstitial $50 (PayPal, Cheque) or $1000(Wire).
  • Kontera(– Intext Mobile Display $50 (PayPal/Wire/Cheque).
  • Vibrant Media – In-text, In-image, Full Screen $50 (Cheque or Wire).
  • Infolinks – In-search, In-tag, In-text $50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU).
  • Link Worth – Targeted text, Sponsored post, In-text $25 (PayPal), $100 (Wire).
  • Intellilinks – In-text (PayPal).
  • Bidvertiser – Targeted text $10 (PayPal).
  • Qadabra – Display $10 (PayPal), $500 (Wire).
  • BuySellAds – Display Ads, PayPal is $20, Bank Check $50, and Wire Transfer $500.
  • AdsOptimal – DisplayAds, $50 Paypal or Cheque.
  • Adsterra – Pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitial, display banners, $100 (Paypal or Wire).
  • Ad Maven – Popup and Popunder.
  • RevenueHits – Display, Dynamic Payment Methods.
  • Amazon Display Ads – Recommendation Ads, Search Ads. Percentage based commission.


Reasons to Look For AdSense Alternatives

  1. Google AdSense rejects many sites for not having enough content.
  2. It is not easy as other advertisers to get a website approved in Adsense.
  3. Adsense accounts are disapproved because of Adsense Cyber Fraud Attack, Several countries are involved in this.

Now it’s time for you to explore all the options you have and pick the ad networks that works best for you, your sites. If you have any doubt’s, Ask me by commenting below.

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