Arknemesis Gaming – India’s Biggest Gaming Cafe Launched At Chennai

Arknemesis Gaming is the newly launched gaming cafe in Chennai, It is equipped with with high-end PCs and PS4 with a fantastic gaming environment. It is supported by CORSAIR, ASUS Republic of Gamers, NVIDIA GeForce India and Sony India. Also a NVIDIA Platinum Certified Gaming Cafe.

The 6500-square feet gaming cafe is housed with 68 high-end gaming PCs, four PS4 Pros, three snooker tables and 21 4K TVs. The cafe can house up to 200 people. Arknemesis Gaming will offer an all-round and unique Entertainment Experience with high-end PCs, Consoles and Virtual Reality peripherals along with free Wi-Fi for customers. The cafe offers a wide range of fully licensed games across genres including RPGs, RTS, FPS, MMOs, MOBAs, etc.

It was founded in May 2016 by entrepreneur Harish Suri and his parents, Suri G and Vidya Suri, Arkenemesis is a bootstrapped gaming startup that aims to open such gaming cafes to give gamers a unique gaming experience. The company says that the idea is to not only promote gaming in India but also cater to all types of gamers.

Arknemesis Gaming Pricing – So how much it costs to play?

Well, Arknemesis Gaming has three major plans such as Mega, Ultra and Monster with three different pricing as ₹300, ₹500 and ₹1000. Though the Harish(Founder) has stated the difference between three major plans in the video below. And Arknemesis gaming pricing seems to be peaky, not everyone could afford it.

Arknemesis Gaming cafe chennai Arknemesis Gaming Pricing NVIDIA Platinum Certified Gaming Cafe gaming peripherals

Gaming Machines at Arknemesis

Plan pricing are based on type of graphics card performance such as GTX 1060 for Mega category, GTX 1070 for Ultra and GTX 1080 for Monster category plans. Twenty six systems for Mega category, 18 systems for Ultra and 20 systems for Monster. Similarly the high-end mouses and headphones are used basis on three major zones. And most important thing is, all machines at Arknemesis are liquid cooled.


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