Apple using Drones to take Maps to the Next Level

Apple using Drones to enhance the Maps data. So we can expect some cool updates in the Maps in 2017. But as per their plan they are flying drones on some part of U.S. So, get ready to access those features while you are flying around U.S.


Yes, It’s Official Apple is using Drones to capture the Maps data. Apple got the Approval form FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to use drones for data collection. They filed for an exemption on Sept. 21, 2015 and got the Approval on March 22, 2016.

We all know that Google and Apple used Cars & Vans equipped with Cameras on top to collect the data. Now it’s a nice move from Apple utilizing one of the modern technologies. Let not the birds disturb. Unlike Vans, Drone can fly around the areas where Cars and Vans cannot access, hence it will really enhance the quality of data, also speed up the data collection process.

Acquisition of startup was the startup founded in 2007 which is basically an Indoor Mapping Platform. They expertise in building indoor maps. Recently Apple acquired for interior mapping project. It seems like Apple is developing an indoor mapping view that would allow users to navigate airports, and other high-traffic buildings like museums using iPhones

Apple released their data collection plan and it was available at

It was a nice move from Apple after the failure of Maps few years ago.  But still Apple has to grow a lot in order to match with Google.

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