Android Oreo Go Edition For All Android Smartphones

As promised in Google I/O 2017, Google has announced the new operating system called Android Go | Android Oreo (Go edition) which is for all entry-level smartphones. In other words low-end smartphones. Which will be available today.



  • New Operating System “Android Oreo (Go Edition)” for all entry-level or low-end smartphones.
  • 2 times more storage space available.
  • Optimized Go Apps for Go edition which is 50% lesser in size.
  • Latest Secure OS for everyone.
  • Google recently launched a new app called Datally for Data usage control.


Entry-level smartphones have less storage and RAM, in which people who want more space for their music, apps, and photos. So Google has optimized Android Oreo (Go edition) and made 2times more storage space available than another android os on the smartphone. Also enhanced the pre-installed Google apps to take up 50 percent less space.

Google Android Oreo Go Edition, Android Go
Image: Google Android Oreo Go Edition
Android Go Apps
Image: Google | Android Go Apps

Android Oreo Go edition also comes with Google’s data saver features turned on by default. For example, Data Saver in Chrome saves the average user more than 600MB of data per year. You can also manage which apps can use background data with our built-in data saver feature, giving you more control over how your data is used. Also, Google has recently released an app called Datally for controlling data usage.

Android Oreo Go

  • Improved Memory usage, that makes Android oreo (go-edition) can run almost on every low-end device out there.
  • Rebuilt and optimized versions of Google apps, using less memory, storage space, and mobile data.
  • Google Play on Android go edition will have all the apps, but it will specifically highlight the apps which are optimized for Android Oreo Go.

Your old low-end Android smartphones might get this new version of Android, Well it depends on your smartphone manufacturers. If you are an app developer, you can build apps for Go with Building for billions.

So what do think about this new operating system? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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